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Committed to a mandate of advancing diversity on the Internet.

PrideLife introduces soft launch during NGLCC conference.

Who are some of the early adaptors of .LGBT domain names?

Learn more about the .LGBT community hubs coming soon.


PrideLife Story


Diversity is alive and well on the Internet, expanding in new and exciting ways as more people and communities come online. The domain name eco-system is just one of the areas where diversity is being embraced, integrated and expressed, adding fresh and innovative domain name options for businesses and organizations.

Helping diverse initiatives to better connect with their audiences by using domain names that break through the clutter is the key inspiration behind PrideLife. 

PrideLife is taking a fresh approach to the registrar business. As the first LGBT certified registrar in the world, our focus is on highlighting the uniqueness,availability and benefits of domain names that celebrate all forms of diversity. We believe that adapting a bold new domain name that clearly represents your purpose and speaks more directly to your audience will elevate your profile and set you apart. 

From its beginning, the Internet has championed diversity in unexpected ways, bringing awareness and power to the uniqueness of people, cultures, experiences and ideas from around the world. No other invention or platform has removed barriers and leveled playing fields like the Internet, now populated with over 1.9 billion domain names and boasting $3.5 trillion in e-commerce sales.

Exploring your options and securing an impactful domain name is the first step to your success. Join the revolution as the Internet pushes new boundaries, and let your diversity be your strength.

Come join us in celebrating “domains with diversity.”

PrideLife Mission

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Committed to a mandate of advancing diversity on the Internet, the mission of PrideLife is to promote a more diverse domain name eco-system and develop solutions for driving visibility and differentiation within diverse segments. 

Diversity. Visibility. Support.

PrideLife Community Hubs

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PrideLife will be the first in the industry to offer value add initiatives on diverse domains.

PrideLife plans to develop high velocity community hubs as part of our effort to build benefit inside some domains serving diverse segments. The hubs will help to drive visibility and traffic to businesses and organizations that register and use a qualifying diverse domain name. 

For example, www.certified.LGBT is a future community hub where all LGBT certified businesses that have registered a .LGBT domain name will be aggregated and listed, making it easier for corporations or other vendors to locate an LGBT certified supplier.